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PERFORMERS WITHOUT FRONTIERS (PsF) is an artistic association of international solidarity. It brings together performers from diverse nationalities who carry out artistic, cultural and therapeutic projects with and for victims of shock traumas (armed conflicts, migrations, wars, natural disasters …) or developmental traumas (elderly people, the sick, hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals, orphans …). PsF also conducts research, trainings, and supports artistic and therapeutical activities, along with a diverse population. In action since 2015 in Brazil, the PsF are linked to a research project coordinated by the artist-researcher Tania Alice at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO). So far, the group has carried out interventions in Nepal after the earthquakes, in Brussels after the terrorist attacks, in Brazil with elderly people and hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals, France in palliative care, Haïti et Togo, among others.

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The Performers Without Borders are born as a consequence of the work of the Performance Art Collective Daily Heroes, directed by Tania Alice and Gilson Motta, active from 2009 to 2014  in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, who would realize performances and ephemeral micro-utopias that potencialize affectivity in urban spaces, working with artivism, combination between art and activism.

Dressed as superheroes (or not!), the performers worked on elements and languages coming from theatre, visual arts, dance, sitting meditation and conscious movement, political activism and everyday life, bringing art and everyday life together and investigating rituals as practices of being together.

The performances valorize the relational element of art which views the transformation of the relationship between the performers and the participants as the focal point of the art work, establishing new relations between the urban spaces and the passers-by. Generating poetry  within urban spaces that are everyday more private, the performances lead to an alternative way to perceive and experience daily social devices and connect people to themselves, to the others and to the nature/city, erasing the boundaries between art and “not-art”.

Connected to Tania Alice’s research project at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), the Collective has performed at various national and international artistic events such as the Mostra de Artes do SESC São Paulo [Internacional Art show], the Aix-en-Provence Contemporary Art Festival (France), the Creative Cities Forum, the SESC Palco Giratório, the International Simposium of the Brecht Society. In 2012, the Collective choosed to stage the play Why are you poor?, directed by Tania Alice, working totally without money: the play has been very successful showed in Rio de Janeiro, at the Cultural Center Oduvaldo Vianna Filho, during two months.

The videos of the performances of the Daily Heroes have been successful presented at the openings of Film and Video Festivals such as the Mostra Globale, Mostra Cinesul, The Washington Film Festival Tricycle or the Mostra do Filme Livre.

The Collective has won the Nacional Art on the Street Award 2010 A and the State Circulation Award of Rio de Janeiro in 2011.

In 2014, the members of the Collective decided to start working together  to create the platform “Performers Without Borders”, idealized by Tania Alice who realizes performative projects in conflict, terrorist atttack or natural disaster zones outside Brazil (Nepal, Haiti, Belgium…) and works with people in specific situations in Brazil (elderly, patients from psychiatric hospitals, etc.)

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Performance Therapy

February 12th, 2014

Armando Gonzaga Theatre, Marechal Hermes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 11/2013.

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