Don Quixote Coca-Cola

“Don Quixote Coca-Cola” is a performance art piece in the form of correspondence exchanged between Tania Alice and the marketing staff at Coca-Cola after the publishing of a company advert using the image of a superhero for commercial purposes. In total, thirty letters were sent to Coca-Cola by the Collective. 12 letters were written together with the audience of “Why are you poor?” during the season, using arguments of the spectators and sent at the end of the performance. Here is the first:

Rio de Janeiro, March 23, 2012

Dear Coca Cola Marketing Staff,

We are writing this letter in response to a recent, sad encounter with the Coca Cola advert entitled “Coca-Cola Super Heroes”.

We, the performance collective named “Daily Heroes”, were deeply saddened to discover that our image is being used for commercial purposes. Our collective was founded in 2009 and we have always given brands a wide berth, because we believe that selling things in order to earn money without being sure that this thing is good for other people can be harmful. On the contrary, it can do a lot of damage.

For some years now, we have been fighting against this crazy world. Our image, throughout the world, has always been associated with the fight against evil and the defence of good. To give you an idea, our motto has always been “Fighting against this crazy world: Daily Heroes”. And now, our image, the image of the hero, which was spotless until today, is being used for commercial purposes, which is causing immense moral damage to our group. You cannot imagine our despair upon discovering that our name was being associated with a product – we, who have always opposed any market logic.

For this reason, we request that your advert be withdrawn from circulation. It is important that our image as heroes continues to be associated with the fight of good against evil. And this evil, in today’s world, unfortunately, as we know, is largely created by multinational companies and speculation on the stock exchange which they support. If not them and their continuous objectives to make profits, who creates poverty? Who creates inequality? Who is responsible for all the people suffering from poverty in this world? Who is responsible for the crisis in Greece, in Spain and in all the other countries, for the unemployment and misery?

Certainly not us, who spend our time fighting for good, dressed in our capes.

For this reason, we cannot accept that our image as heroes is tarnished by Coca Cola. If you research the history of the hero, beginning in Greece, you will discover that the battle has always been associated with the battle for good.

We are sure that you will understand our point of view and that you have made a mistake and we await an urgent reply on this situation from you.

The Performance Collective “Daily Heroes”.

PS: Just because we are a small group of Latin-American heroes does not mean that you can use of image in this way. 

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