Teach something fundamental for you in 5 minutes!

Conceived and performed by Tania Alice at Naira Ciotti's artistic residence / seminar and her Performance Lab "The Professor Performer" in Natal, from March 21 to 26, 2018, the performance, preceded by a 3 hour preparation workshop, was to: "TEACH ESSENTIAL SOMETHING FOR YOU, IN 5 MINUTES!"

During the performance, held in 2018 at the Praça Vermelha in the city of Natal and then at the Avignon Festival in France, Place Pie, in partnership with the FAIAR (Superior Formation of Artists in Urban Spaces) and Pascal Lebrun-Cordier during the Master Class "Making Adventures Happen," passers-by and workshop participants were tasked with teaching something that was essential to them for 5 minutes. For that, the participants could use the material they wanted, in an open classroom setting, composed of portfolios and a school board.

The performance started from the idea that the public space can be a space of exchange of knowledge and affections and that pedagogy and collective intelligence are powerful tools of social construction.

In Natal, the 20 participants, as well as passers-by who joined the project for an hour and a half, had the following classes:

- laugh for no reason
- to stretch when waking up
- dealing with anger
- Masturbate without hands for women
- touch another body to relax it
- use green lemon as deodorant when there is no sun
- survive at close with the benediction of glitter
- make an unforgettable corn cake
- make a tasty tapioca
- take a picture to immortalize a moment
- change clothes halfway inside a UBER
- calm the breath with singing
- sing a samba that changes your life
- make yourself in 5 minutes to go to the bakery
- moan with all the lyrics of FORA TEMER
- 2 pillars of intersemiotic

All the participants (passers-by and office workers) were awarded the certificate of the Public Space Amateur Pedagogue. Thank you to all who embarked on this adventure of learning from each other!

Certificate design: Marcelo Asth.

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